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“The Legend of the Bumble Bee”

Despite the early scientific theory that a bumble bee’s body is far too big for their little wings, and shouldn’t be able to fly, bumble bees conquered what seemed impossible at the time and in doing so became a motivational legend.

“When God made the bumble bee, it shouldn’t have been able to fly, but God whispered in its ear, ‘You can do it.’ The bee trusted Him, and so it flew.” The determined bumble bee had the courage to do what seemed impossible at the time, and just kept on flying, believing, that science would catch up to it sooner or later.

The bumble bee ‘bee-lieved’ in the divine engineer that specifically considered the aerodynamics of the bumble bee, even before modern science could understand it.

Sometimes, that is all it ever takes with anything, because in time, all things come to light.

We ‘bee-lieve’ in unlimited possibilities!