Color & Texture

Hair Color

Whether you’re looking for a complete change or something more subtle,
we can create the hair color that best suits you. We offer single or double
process solid color for those looking for a drastic change, low lights or
highlights for those looking to add a bit of dimension to their current color!


We use CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Waves for flawless, perfect results every
time. These gentle, ammonia-free formulas work from the inside out to
create stunning curls, sultry waves,movement and shape,
all while maintaining optimum moisture levels. No dry, frizzy locks here!

Chi Enviro Smoothing

*ask your stylist for more details. Reduces up to 95%of frizz and curl by
penetrating the cuticle with keratin.

We use Chi Enviro This unique formula is the key to help smooth and straighten
colored/chemically Treated Hair hair. It contains silk and pearl which
helps eliminate up to 95% of frizz while making curly hair more
manageable. The rich, luxurious formula will penetrate deep into the
cuticle. Typical results last up to 4 months!

The results of this safe alternative to traditional harsh straightening
systems are amazing. The system safely smoothes frizzy, curly hair into
beautiful, soft and silky hair. When the powerful, yet gentle, formula
is combined with heat from the CHI Iron and dryer the hair is bonded,
providing incredible results.
This revolutionary smoothing system infuses the unique formula of amino
acids, proteins, silk and pearl into the hairs cuticle. This process
dramatically improves the condition, shine and smoothness of even the
most unruly hair types. Results typically lasts up to 4 months depending
on hair type.